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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Organic Colour Systems cover grey hair?

Yes, it will. Plus, for extremely resistant grey hair, we have a NN Series, specifically designed for colouring this hair type.

Will Organic Colour Systems work over another brand of hair colour?Organic ColourSystems Approved Salon emblem

Yes, except metallic based products, such as Compound Henna, or colour restorers for grey hair.

Can I use Organic Colour Systems on a client who is pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend any hair colour is used whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. The client should consult her doctor.

Can I use Organic Colour Systems on a client who is undergoing chemotherapy?

No, we do not recommend this. The client should consult her/his doctor.

Is Organic Colour Systems affected by any medication?

Yes. Similar to other hair colours, Organic Colour Systems can be affected by medication such as HRT and Thyroxin.

Do I need to do a sensitivity test with Organic Colour Systems?

Yes. Although rare, it is possible to be allergic to any ingredient in hair colours and therefore we strongly recommend that a sensitivity test is carried out 48 hours before colouring. If the client experiences any reaction, such as soreness, redness or irritation, then Organic Colour Systems is not suitable and should not be used.

How many colours are there in the Organic Colour Systems range?

There are 64 shades in Organic Colour Systems and they are all fully intermixable, which means there is no limit to the number of shades which you can create.

Is Organic Curl Systems suitable for all hair types?

Yes, it is. You only need to stock one perming product for all your clients' needs.

Is Organic Colour Systems 100% Certified Organic?

No, it's not possible to have a professional standard hair colouring range that is comprised ONLY of Certified Organic ingredients. However, we use AS MANY Certified Organic ingredients as possible, and all other ingredients are naturally derived wherever possible. We are constantly improving our formulas as new and cleaner ingredients become available. You can be sure that Organic Colour Systems is the "cleanest", most natural hair colour brand of any on the market today.