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Men's Hair Care Products

Photo of conditioner and shaving lotion bottle

Conditioner and Shaving Lotion
12 oz. bottle

Save time in the shower with this conditioner/shaving lotion combo. Stimulating menthol cools and stimulates, promoting a healthier scalp and fuller thicker hair. Hydrolyzed oats soften coarse beard hair, allowing for a closer shave while helping reduce razor burn.

Photo of Control anti-dandruff shampoo bottle

Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
12 oz. Bottle

Control shampoo is an extremely effective anti-dandruff treatment containing more than twice the active ingredients and none of the tar of other dandruff shampoos – in fact Control is formulated with the maximum active ingredient allowable without a prescription. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: zinc pyrithione 2%

6oz. Hard Hair Jel for Men

Hard Jel
6 oz. Bottle

Ideal for hard to manage hair, this extra-firm gel provides control, humidity resistance and all-day-stay-in-place hold. Hard Jel is alcohol-free and guaranteed not to build up or flake. Classic slicked back hair with an extra-firm hold. Hold Factor 1 2 3 4 5

Photo of shampoo and body wash bottle

Shampoo & Body Wash - Invigorating Cleanser
12 oz. Bottle

AG's ultra-rich shampoo and body wash combination gently cleanses while restoring vitality and invigorating the senses. Natural menthol crystals cool and stimulate, promoting a healthier scalp and fuller, thicker hair.

Photo of Waxx

Waxx High Shine Pomade
2.5 oz. Jar

This moldable pomade adds intense shine, separation and a polished finish in short- to medium-length hair. Also perfect for smoothing flyaways. Hold factor: 1 of 5

Photo of Stucco

Stucco 2 Hold Factor
2.5 oz. Jar

Stucco's non-greasy, moldable formula let's you create a unique texturized matte finish to any style. Natural, oceanic sea clay enhances separation while it conditions the hair. Hold factor: 2 of 5

Photo of Infrastructure hold factor

Infrastructure 3 Hold Factor
2.5 oz. Jar

Infrastructure's silky microfibres provide structure and texture with incredible volume. Ideal for short to medium length hair, Infrastructure is humidity resistant and adds the ultimate shine. Hold factor: 3 of 5

Photo of Texture Paste

Texture Paste
2.5 oz. Jar

Pliable yet firm, Texture Paste creates a casual unfussed look with natural sheen. The ideal pomade for short to medium length hair, it provides long lasting hold and incredible separation, but is never, stiff, sticky or greasy. Hold factor: 3.5 of 5

Photo of Molding Cream

Molding Cream 4 Hold Factor
2.5 oz. Jar

Mold, sculpt and set your style in any hair length, adding texture and a polished shine as you work to create a long lasting look. Molding Cream distributes easily through the hair and washes out effortlessly. Hold factor: 4 of 5