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Why Choose Us

At Hair 4 U in Geneseo IL, by offering healthier products and toxic free methods, we are able to achieve the desired look clients are searching for. By providing these toxic free products we are able to offer a better experience for the client while obtaining desired outcomes that are better than outcomes from the traditional products used in the past.  The end result is a more pleasant experience for the client and the best outcome is achievable, resulting in healthy, shinny natural outcome for the hair as well as a favorable experience for the client with no smell, irritation or toxic effect. The most desired outcome of a salon visit is to “love your hair again” after your visit.

Let’s face it if we are going to take the time, spend the money, the result desired by all is to achieve the best outcome “BEAUTIFUL HAIR”!

The motto my hair care product line lives by!

use. love. repeat.

Ag Products (Advanced Group) are used and retailed to achieve the most sought-after results, offering hair care products that are healthy, natural and fit today’s trendy, stylish fashion needs.

Ag Hair Care products can be purchased at Hair 4 U in Geneseo IL. , products are offer by going to the SHOP button.  AG Products are gluten free, free of Paba, Dhea, Salts and Parabens.  AG Hair is a company that is changing the Beauty Industry *By making products that work *By creating a different standard of beauty*By Giving back.